About Us

What we do and what we are

Zapf Lab Engineering is based in north of Germany, near Hannover – the well known city of international fairs like CeBIT and the EXPO 2000. The company offers more than ten years of experience in designing sophisticated laboratory equipment, such as CO2 incubators, safety and sterile workbenches and deep-freeze systems.

If you are looking for an expert partner in life sciences, in In Vitro fertilisation (IVF), Zapf Lab Engineering surely is the best for you.

Zapf Lab Engineering products feature a high level of technical convenience, uncomplicated user guidance, ideal compatibility and first-class workmanship. Zapf Lab Engineering is well known for reliability and safety in installation and commissioning. Beyond this, the name Zapf Lab Engineering stands for fast delivery and excellent professional support.

Zapf Lab Engineering offers their worldwide customers a wide range of modular-design system solutions for in vitro fertilization (IVF). Thus our claim »system solutions for reproductive medicine«.

At the core of its system is a warming plate inset in a stainless steel plate for integration of a stereo-microscope, usually provided by the customer. They can be also provided by Zapf Lab Engineering – and naturally all leading manufacturer's microscopes will fit. Please, note that the installation of the microscope at our works is mandatory.

The typical Zapf Lab Engineering system for simulation of body parameters of a fertilized egg-cell consists of a stainless steel plate with said integrated microscope and warming plate built in to ensure absolute horizontal positioning. This unit is available in a choice of individually designed benches or system-integrated into a horizontal or vertical sterile workbench.

The Zapf Lab Engineering line of quality products includes passive and active vibration-free microscope benches, as well as the matching accessories and a wide range of CO2 incubators in specific sizes and for corresponding applications – mostly build to order.

Perfect technology from Zapf Lab Engineering: system solutions for reproductive medicine!