IVF guard


IVF guard Microbiology Class II Safety Cabinet in Ergonomic design, with the choice of materials of construction of the highest quality guarantees conformity to the strictest safety standards, product and environmental protection about vertical laminar air flow system. 70% air re-circulated and 30% air exhaust designed & built to performance requirements of the EN-12469:2000. Follow features is standard included:

  • This Cabinet have the lowest power consummation and the lowestnoise level on the market 
  • H14 HEPA-Main-filter efficiency (99,995%)
  • H14 HEPA-Exhaust-filter efficiency (99,995%)
  • Two-stage ventilation-system
  • Double centrifugal fan provide complete operator
  • Low pressure Drop HEPA filter increased media filtration for doublefilter lifetime
  • Available in four sizes
  • Warming plates single or double
  • With or without stereo microscope 
  • Warming area wide 580 x depth 350 mm
  • We installing pillar diameter 32 mm our your specially
  • Dimming modern flicker-free Microscope LED light, Brightness - daylight 5.600 k, lamp life >30.000 hrs
  • Painted steel leveling base stand 835 mm
  • Available in three sizes 
  • Door size for transportation must 800 mm
  • For individual, we offer a lot of accessories
IVF Cabinet Order Form
2015 - IVF Order Form m.B..pdf (117.16KB)
IVF Cabinet Order Form
2015 - IVF Order Form m.B..pdf (117.16KB)